Terpsichorus Maneuvers:

"For a 20-something choreographer, Verzola startled with his inventiveness via straightforward balletics. This piece challenged with silky troupe configurations, unfussy classical artistry, and the fluency of phrase variations." - Explore Dance

 Concerto D'oro

"A choreographer on the rise, Verzola has a gift for designing space and succeeds at directing moving bodies." - Philadelphia Dance  

A Light Exists in Spring

"A well balanced trio that allowed Verzola to demonstrate his knack for musicality... a sophisticated blend of theatrical flair and carefully crafted movements." - Philadelphia Dance

Le Début

"Verzola continues to present classical ballet vocabulary in unfussy, thrilling ways..." - Philadelphia Dance

Trio for Six:

"The sequences were logical but playful, always deliciously musical" - Theater Jones

Hit On All Sixes:

"...carefree, bringing show biz airs and ballet with a jazz bounce to the stage. A fairly large cast enjoyed itself and entertained to tuneful music." - Dance View Times

Sonatas, For Lee:

"[Dancers] navigated the stage utilizing quick, petit allegro footwork, while at times slowing to a fluid adagio pace. It was a light and energetic work that perfectly set the tone..." - Columbia Spectator

Freelance choreographer and teacher |

©2017-2019 by Durante Verzola

Photos courtesy of Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet, ©Rosalie O'Connor Photography, ©Joel Thomas, Alexander Iziliaev, Kyle Froman, Sarah Yasmine Marazzi-Sassoon, Gabriel Lorena, Candice DeTore, Shea Smith, and Zane Ellis